A new day.

As Rye heads back to school this year, it’s much like any other year. It’s hot out, the days are long, and it still feels a lot like summer. For many, it’ll be the first time things look a bit like they did before the pandemic. And if that gives you pause, we’re of the same mind. When Monday morning comes, it takes a lot of effort not to put Rye’s book bag back on its hook, close our laptops, and head out for a family day instead. We’ve learned a few things since 2020, and we’re hard-pressed not to give into that wisdom.

DIY Christmas Garland: A Touch of Citrus

Many holiday traditions tie in our favorite hygge feelings: stockings hung by the fire, candles lit on a table set for family and friends, gift boxes lovingly packaged with accessories of the season.

The one tradition we think needs a more significant comeback? The gifting of oranges. Not only are they bright, fresh, delicious, they also add a beautiful compliment to the other favorites of the season: cinnamon, fir, nutmeg, cranberries. And even if (especially if!) you’re not one for eating the fruit, there is another way to brighten up the holidays with citrus: DIY citrus garlands.

Outdoor Essentials for an Endless Summer

What’s on the menu this summer? Indulgence. Whether you’re headed for foreign shores or building a beautiful backyard oasis replete with inviting outdoor furniture and decor, it’s no-bars on celebrating al fresco with friends, or splurging on leisurely weekend activities under the lazy, afternoon sun.

After all, if you’re still sheltering in place, that means more time to indulge in your outdoor space — why not set the mood for a truly enjoyable experience that almost feels like you’re on vacation?

Here’s to embracing the personal, mask-free space of your own Great Outdoors (and some inspiration to get you started).

"The table doesn't always have to be perfectly set for friends before inviting them over, because the point of the table is to encourage friendship, not Pinterest mood boards."

- Joel Snayd

The Enduring Love for Rattan

Rattan, wicker, French cane: What is it about these natural, earthy pieces that keep us coming back for more?

It might have a little something to do with its history, which traces back to early civilizations in Egypt, Rome, and China, where the weaving technique was used to create baskets and furniture. Scientists have carbon-dated many baskets to as far back as 8,000 B.C. and estimate that the method could go back even further. How’s that for longevity?

Let the light in.

There’s something so symbolic about flicking a light on. It’s a nod to action, a beginning, a symbol of a thriving business. Or, in our case, it’s a little bit of all three.

A few weeks ago, we did it: We turned a new light on. And now it’s time to let you in on the big, basket-lit secret.

Asher + Rye has a new home, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the news. It’s bigger. It’s better. It’s definitely pinker. And we can’t wait for you to take a look at everything we’ve been working on.

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