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A new day.

As Rye heads back to school this year, it’s much like any other year. It’s hot out, the days are long, and it still feels a lot like summer. For many, it’ll be the first time things look a bit like they did before the pandemic. And if that gives you pause, we’re of the same mind. When Monday morning comes, it takes a lot of effort not to put Rye’s book bag back on its hook, close our laptops, and head out for a family day instead. We’ve learned a few things since 2020, and we’re hard-pressed not to give into that wisdom.

In addition to everything we experienced together, we’ve crossed a lot off our to-do list in the past three years. In December 2020, we launched our new flagship on Whitaker and Jones. This year we got even bigger, adding a cafe, lots of amazing new faces, and partnerships with local legends like Auspicious Baking Co. We added product lines: clothing for men and women, a dedicated gardening section, and expanded our accessories sections for everyone.

We’ve put a lot of focus on our Bolia custom furniture lines, helping customers get exactly the right pieces in their homes during a time when the home was the only space we could be in. We also won the Golden Broom Award, a highly-coveted award in the Savannah community for ongoing contributions to the preservation and beautification of the city. And for the first time in many years, we took a real vacation away from it all as soon as it was safe to do so. (A full round-up of our trip to Copenhagen is on its way!)


All in all, what we’ve been fortunate enough to do has made us more grateful for each new day. It’s made us conscious of the time we spend with friends and family, our community here in Savannah, and the design community that connects us to makers worldwide. We’ve seen how much the people, businesses, and communities around us have grown, adapted to change, and succeeded at it all. So as Rye heads back to school, we’re making more room for the new things we’ve learned, too. What we’ve learned isn’t necessarily from the classroom, but it rings true no matter your age.  

Embrace your family and friends. Now is as good as ever.

Make space in your life for the unknown by de-stressing what you do know. It’s an easy way to keep sane.

Have people over to share a meal, even if no one can cook, there are only crackers and cheese on the table, and you haven’t cleaned in ages.

Roadmaps change. Things come up. Do what you can to enjoy the journey anyway.

And when you have the opportunity, take a day off. Stay up late. Get the kids out of school for no reason. Time is precious, and there’s no rulebook. We all know it’s worth it, even if it’s not always convenient.

Over the next few weeks, there’s more heading your way that will help shape up your routine, ideas to help clear out the clutter, and new ways to bring people around your table. This is a season for defining (and redefining) what normal means, and we’re here to do it with a little finesse, a little design, and a whole lot of heart.

And with that, we wish you good luck with the new school year, your post-summer routines, and your renewed journey. We hope it’s a wonderful adventure.

- Erika + Joel


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