Our Story

Before Asher + Rye, there was Erika and Joel.

It was a Harry Met Sally moment: They met at a NYC party and were completely uninterested in each other. Fast forward a few years, and the two became best friends, then something more.

In 2003, they left New York behind and moved to Savannah, inspired to bring their passion for design and branding to light in a tangible way. Opening in 2005, Rethink Design Studio has transformed hundreds of spaces since their first project re-imagining the interiors for Savannah’s Local 11ten restaurant, which opened the door to more modern design in Savannah.

For their next adventure, a family.

In July 2012, their son, Rye, was born, and it seemed like the perfect time to fully embrace their new phase in life. They decided to pursue another dream: to open a shop with a focus on how they want to live, and to share their modern perspective with others. With a nod to their son and their spaniel puppy, Asher, Erika and Joel created a collection dedicated to warmth, simplicity, and the space to spend more time together as a family.

Mixing well-loved Scandinavian brands with artisans from around the world, Asher + Rye brings curated products that never sacrifice function for design and always have one goal in mind: to make you love where you live.

"When I walk into [Asher + Rye], this intersection of simplicity, beauty and quality is clear. I want to stay. (Okay, full disclosure, I want to be a squatter.) The Snayds’ design style is unique. It’s not a commercial showroom you can find on the pages of a Crate and Barrel catalogue, nor is it filled with too much preciousness. Drawing from Scandinavian influences, the brand is modern, functional, personal, transparent and inviting as evidenced by the layering of one-of-a-kind market finds that live in a series of cozy curated vignettes throughout the studio."

Let's work together.

First and foremost, the Asher + Rye team are designers. And to that end, we want to support other designers and interior design firms as much as we can. If you're interested in exploring the additional resources, pricing, and customer service we offer to industry professionals, please don't hesitate to let us know.  


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