Brass Pepper Grinder

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The bestselling 'Chefs Mate' from Greek Alexander Handmade Mills is a beautiful, traditional pepper grinder, crafted with precision. The grinder is equipped with a powerful crank, and able to handle a variety of spices allowing you to infuse your recipes with freshly ground aromas.

The spices are added through the opening in the side, so you do not have to disassemble the grinder to fill it up. 'Chef's Mate' are made of solid brass and are equipped with a cast grinder that is designed to grind the spices optimally. The 3-part grinding mechanism first guides the spice down into the mechanism, after which it is coarsely ground and finally completely finely ground. Elevate your cooking experience with this thoughtfully designed grinder that effortlessly bring out the vibrant flavors of your dishes.

The Alexander Mills are tried and tested products that have been into market since 1977 and are a testament to culinary excellence.