Cutter Box, High

$319.00 USD


Cutter box is a stylish storage unit for all four seasons. Whether you need a quick place to put gloves and scarves, your beach slippers and ping pong rackets, or your children’s sidewalk chalks, rollerblades and kneepads. Four tiny wheels makes it easy to move around and the height fits perfectly under the Cutter Bench and Cutter Stool.

Available in Unfinished Oak, Black Oak, or Teak. Natural OilWhite Oil, and White Soap available, sold separately. If you choose to leave the box unfinished, use the suitable cleaning agent for wood. Unfinished oak may be affected by grease and colorants. For this reason, we recommend saturating the box with soap or suitable furniture oil to make it more resistant. Be aware that the wood will change color slightly when applying soap or oil.

Lead Time: On average, 2 weeks


11.75"W x 14"D x 13.25"H