Stainless Steel Fire Pit

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Bring warmth and durability to the heart of your campsite. Our Fire Pit is crafted with coated steel in a large open-bowl design that supports heavy logs and high temperatures from lively fires. Its sturdy legs and handles make for simple transportation to and from your favorite location. Whether you’re preparing a slow-cooked cast iron meal, roasting marshmallows over smoky embers, or simply sinking into a warm evening and your favorite cocktail, the Fire Pit’s rugged durability will preserve the moment.


• Large, 29-inch open bowl design for big logs
• Constructed from steel with high-temperature black coating
• Three 11-inch legs for maximum stability
• Two handles for easy transport
• Overall height is 16 inches, meeting most regulation requirements


Items Included:
1 Fire pit

Steel with high-temperature black coating

29" x 16"
21 lbs


To clean the fire pit, first remove any debris until inside is clear. Use warm soapy water and a cloth to scrub the inside of the fire pit. Rinse thoroughly and immediately wipe dry. Re-oiling your fire pit from time to time will help reduce rust.

Extended exposure to wet conditions may cause rust and unnecessary wear and tear. We recommend covering your fire pit or storing it indoors after each use.

If rusting occurs, follow these steps for treatment.