Awa Blanket

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Named after an ancient tribe of people who presently live in the wet rainforests of northwestern Ecuador. Great for either your outdoor adventures or even for your simple moments of relaxation, whatever the weather may bring, these blankets will give extra comfort, vibe, and ambience to life’s most treasurable moments. Soft and versatile with reversible colors and a touch of Ecuador's culture.

Ethically made and beautifully designed, they are handcrafted by indigenous families from the highlands of Ecuador. These blankets are warm, soft, and have reversible colors! Perfect for gifts, keeping warm, or adding a fun touch to your decor!


92" x 82"
(Queen size)

100% recycled acrylic
Made in Ecuador

2.9 lbs


Care Instructions: Hand wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle Tumble dry (in low heat) For Stains: On the stained area, blot and absorb the liquid as best as you can. Immediately after that, Wash the blanket to prevent the stain from setting into the fibers of the blanket.