Traditional Scissors, Medium


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These are the original famous Chinese scissors that have been often copied, but never equaled. These are heirloom quality scissors that will last for years. The crafting of these scissors require processes that evolved over three centuries: high-quality steel is set into wrought iron which is then forged and hammered into cutting edges. Next the edges are finely ground with mineral rich mud bricks from the area. You'll find the action to be smooth and sure. The company has received awards for excellence at the southern coast industrial exposition in 1910, the 1915 panama pacific imitational exposition and the 1926 expo in Philadelphia. The age-old forging techniques of Zhang Xiaoquan scissors have been included in the list of china's intangible cultural heritage. The classic Chinese scissors, from the original 350 year old manufacturer. Well machined, cuts smoothly hardened steel, very durable. Not stainless steel. General use: fabrics, papers, bonsai. Great all around scisso