Red Chai Spice - Premium Loose Leaf Tea

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2oz tea per tin

Red Chai Spice is a loose leaf red rooibos tea that is robust with aromatic spices like ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. This caffeine-free tea is full-bodied with a creamy mouth feel. This Red Chai Spice tea is sourced from a leading tea farm in South Africa that has been committed to bringing this tea to the world since 1954. Specializing in the research and health of this region, this farm and facility are dedicated to the land and showcase it with their organic, Rainforest Alliance, and Fairtrade certifications. This practice includes sustainable farming methods, supporting local farmers, protecting land and waterways through restoration practices, sustainable income for workers, community empowerment, and more.

Stylish and inviting packaging - reuse the tin once you have brewed all your tea!
Stackable, compact tins for convenient storage
Pair with our glass mugs and ceramic infuser mugs
Perfect loose leaf tea for our large and small tea infusers