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Roll up in style with the ori roll-top bag. The Canfield B backpack is weather resistant, durable and sleek, making it perfect for anywhere your day might take you. A secure and innovative closing feature, secret wallet pocket, and chunky zip come together to create a secure and trendy backpack. No matter the length of the commute, the weather outside, or how many belongings you’re toting, the Canfield B is the ideal travel accessory.

Outer material: weather resistant matte nylon (triple coated). Inside material: weather resistant canvas (triple coated). Lining material: matte nylon. Hardware: galvanized, smoked, branded metal. Straps: cotton webbing adjustable shoulder straps and wide loop handles, v-factor comfort. Zips: Sturdy durable chunky zips allow easy glide, quick open/close for all ages.


11.5"W x 3.75"D x 13"H

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