Mia Scandinavian Reindeer Hide

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Our ethically sourced Scandinavian reindeer hide is incredibly soft to the touch and is aesthetically beautiful with unique markings and deep fur which makes this sumptuous hide a stunning statement.  It is ideal for draping over a chair, covering a table bench, or sinking your feet in. The reindeer hide is sourced directly from the Sami people traveling the fells of Sweden, Norway, and Finland.  



Size : approximately 100 x 70 cm
Made in Finland
Weight: 4 lb (1.8 kg)


Some hair loss does occur with Reindeer hides which is completely normal and expected due to the nature of the hollow hair. Please avoid placing the hide in a high traffic areas, close to a heat source, direct sunlight and avoid your pets to lay in it as it can breaks the hair and will permanently damage your hide.