Farm to Table Strainer

$8.00 USD

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Don't get strained in the kitchen! Equip yourself with tools that make those everyday tasks a breeze. A true cooking essential, these strainers features a fine stainless steel mesh with a long looped handle and resting ring that's designed to fit over mugs, small pots, and bowls for easy use. 



Small: 3" sieve - great for straining loose leaf tea leaves, sifting flour or powdered sugar over your baked goods and desserts, and removing unwanted particles from liquids

Medium: 5" sieve - Ideal for straining broth, gravy, sauces, pasta, jams, jellies, purees, tea, and more!

Large: 7" sieve - great for quickly rinsing fruits, veggies, herbs, beans, and other grains.


Dishwasher safe