Banga Planter

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Made exclusively by Philippine Kalinga women, banga (ba-nga) were pots used for cooking, water, food storage and bartering. One daily task was to fetch water from the lowlands and trek through rice fields and mountain sides to return to their village. They would fill banga with water and stack one or several on their heads with the support of a rolled cloth or a “jikon”, a coiled headpiece made from a straw plant “ligis”. Experience and skill determined how many pots they could balance on their heads, and the more pots they could stack, the higher their standing was within the community. 

The Banga Dance is inspired by this daily routine. Stacked as many as seven or eight at a time, pots are balanced on the heads of women as they dance to the beat of gongs and the melody of “gangsa", or wind chimes.

The Banga (ba-nga) ceramic collection celebrates the strength and agility of women and the grace with which they balance being a provider, lover, creator and friend. Designed as a testament to the Filipina spirit and a symbol for women everywhere who juggle every day challenges with strength and grace. Life: it’s a balancing act.

The Banga Planters can be stacked or solo. Available in a Small, Medium, and Large.


Small: 7"Dia x 4.5"H

Medium: 7.75"Dia x 5.5"H

Large: 9.75”Dia x 5.75”H