Skagerak Spring Sale

20% off all Skagerak Denmark products now through July 1st! 
Skagerak is a family-owned company established in 1976 in Denmark. Their primary focus is producing quality furniture, designed to last for generations. As a Danish business, they are deeply rooted in Scandinavian heritage and craftsmanship balancing the contrasts between classical virtues and modern daily life.
Skagerak believes in sustainable and straightforward beauty and works with skilled international designers that help achieve that goal. Sustainability runs deep in their (and our) veins – in materials, production and the way they treat partners and employees. Skagerak has been a member of the UN Global Compact Act since 2010, B Corp since 2017 and FSCTM-certified since 2001.
The name Skagerak refers to their northern location and to the strait ‘Skagerrak’ that connects Denmark to its Nordic neighbours – a strait that has been crucial in developing the region. Skagerak is an international brand that creates a functional and long-lasting design.
Spira Green House
Vendia Chair
Vent Bench
Vent Stool