Ankole Horn & Pure Brass Wall Hooks

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Made from natural Ankole horn and pure brass, these completely one-of-a-kind wall hooks will sit firmly on the wall, with the natural upturned angle of the horn working perfectly to hold hats, scarves and jewelry. The mount was handmade using heavy gauge pure brass; each hand cut, buffed and polished for a high-shine.

In addition to their impressive size, Ankole horns are also known for their beautiful variation of colors—ranging from light to dark, with exotic stripes of ivory, black, and brown. Similar to a fingerprint, no two horns are exactly alike, making each of these bottle openers completely unique and rare.

Does not include brass screws for mounting to wall.


2"W x 3"D x 5"H

The brass will develop a natural patina over time, but you can choose to keep it bright and shiny with standard brass polish. To avoid fingerprints, handle brass with a soft cloth.

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